My photo with Barack Obama

A few days ago I had the opportunity to travel to the United States of America, and incidentally know the capital Washington, luckily, I had the oportunity to walk with President Barack Obama, in one of his surprise walks, seeing this interesting and detached attitude of the most powerful man in the world, with people, walking and surrounded by tight security, I could get me close, talk and take a picture with him.

As we talked I said Hello Mr. President, I come from the Dominican Republic and I am very excited and grateful for your work as a peacemaker leader and master strategist, and for the opportunity you gives me to take a picture with you, to which he replied: the honor is mine, he is very humble. I took my camera and the President asked one of his aides to take a picture for me, and for the lasting memory.

This photo was so extraordinary that i despite marking six in the morning my alarm clock and had to prepare to go to work; that dream was so clear in my mind that I could recreate the picture of my dream, “Walking with the President of the United States”.

Translated with google, sorry if any mistake: original in spanish: