Pete Rose accused of rape, another one

A woman’s sworn statement in a court document filed Monday accused baseball’s Pete Rose of rape – an indictment Rose said was false because the girl was 16 at the time. The statement was filed in a motion by the defendant, John Dowd – a lawyer hired by the MLB decades ago to investigate reports that Rose had wagered on baseball games while employed by the Cincinnati Reds – as part of the defamation lawsuit. In the document, a woman named “Jane Doe” said she wanted to state in her statement that Rose had committed rape, and said, “Rose had sex with her when she was less than 16 years old.”

Rose admitted that she had sex with the woman who was then no more than 16 years old, according to the document, “but said she did not do it until 1975, when Doe was 16.” Rose was in her 30s at the time. “Rose insists that this distinction is significant because, while a 16-year-old can not consent to having sex with a 33-year-old woman in many states, only children under the age of 16 can not do so in Ohio.” Rose, the baseball’s leading hitter with 4,256 during his 24 years in the majors, filed suit after Dowd charged Rose with rape on a sports radio show in 2015.

“Michael Bertolini, you know, told us that he not only ran bets, but ran youngsters for him in spring training, from 12 to 14. Is not that lovely. You do that, “Dowd said in the program, according to the court document. Rose received a 1989 lifetime ban on gambling, and the ban was retained in 2015 after a review by commissioner Rob Manfred.